Brilliance Deluxe R30D

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The Riccar Brilliance Deluxe is a state of the art, high performance cleaning machine. This machine has a Tandem Air motor system that delivers optimal performance from the hose, on a bare floor, or on a carpet. The Lifetime belt makes sure you never change a belt again, GUARANTEED! The extra long flexible hose lets you reach further than ever with the attatchments and all high wear areas on this machine are metal. A six year comprehensive warranty with two free service visits is also included!

Brilliance Retriever R30PET

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The Brilliance Retriever is the ultimate weapon in the fight against pet hair! This powerful machine has the Tandem Air system, two motors that compliment each other to provide maximum airflow and suction power for cleaning carpets, bare floors, and above the ground. This machine includes a granulated carbon filter to absorb pet odors, a self sealing hepa bag system, seven stage hepa filtration, deluxe vacuum tools, lifetime belt and hall sensor, an EXTRA long hose, LED headlamps, and includes a rugged hand turbine tool for cleaning carpeted stairs and couches. This machine includes a comprehensive seven year warranty, two free service visits under the Red Carpet Service plan, and has a LIFETIME warranty on the belt! It also comes with a pound of Riccars carpet stain cleaning powder!