Embroidery Software

Choosing the right embroidery software for you can be confusing. There are a lot of choices out there, so it's easy to pick something that does too much or too little for what you need it for. That's where we come in. We will listen to what you want to do and give your our expert opinion on what software would be right for you.

With all software we sell, we give unlimited, one on one instruction on how to use it. Plus, we have a software club that meets monthly and focuses on one specific program each month. We also have a club just for owners of Floriani Total Control Professional, which also meets monthly. Whatever your needs, from lettering to applique, to full on digitizing, we have the right software for you!

Designers Gallery software offers a robust selection of softwares, from basic editing, cataloging, and lettering to full on digitizing software. We love Designers Gallery for their variety, and ability to focus on what exactly you need out of your software.


We sell the whole line of Floriani software, along with stabilizer and thread. Floriani has a ton of great programs, and we have a club for owners of the Total Control Professional software.


Artistic Suite V6

Originally, we were selling the Artistic Crystals software just for the ability to cut crystal designs to add "bling" to your items. Now, we sell the whole suite which can digitize, make lettering, create custom cutwork designs, and more!